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  • OpenCV介绍

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  • core 模块. 核心功能

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  • imgproc 模块. 图像处理

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  • highgui 模块. 高层GUI和媒体I/O

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    This section contains valuable tutorials about how to read/save your image/video files and how to use the built-in graphical user interface of the library.

  • calib3d 模块. 相机定标和三维重建

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    Although we got most of our images in a 2D format they do come from a 3D world. Here you will learn how to find out from the 2D images information about the 3D world.

  • feature2d 模块. 2D特征框架

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  • video 模块. 视频分析

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    Look here in order to find use on your video stream algoritms like: motion extraction, feature tracking and foreground extractions.

  • objdetect 模块. 物体检测

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    Ever wondered how your digital camera detects peoples and faces? Look here to find out!

  • ml 模块. 机器学习

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    Use the powerfull machine learning classes for statistical classification, regression and clustering of data.

  • gpu 模块. 使用GPU加速的计算机视觉

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    Squeeze out every little computation power from your system by using the power of your video card to run the OpenCV algorithms.

  • General tutorials

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    These tutorials are the bottom of the iceberg as they link together multiple of the modules presented above in order to solve complex problems.

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