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Call for paper - Artificial Intelligence on Fashion and Textile (AIFT...

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The 2nd Artificial Intelligenceon Fashion and Textile (AIFT) International Conference 2019
25-27 Nov 2019
Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Textile &Apparel Artificial Intelligence (TAAI) Research Group of Institute of Textilesand Clothing (ITC), The Hong Kong Polytechnic university (Polyu), theShanghaiTex 2019 and Donghua University are co-organizing the ArtificialIntelligence on Fashion and Textile (AFIT) Conference 2019.
Call for Papers
Overthe last two decades, with the great advancement of computer technology,academic research in artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications infashion and textile supply chain has been becoming a very hot topic and hasreceived greater attention from both academics and industrialists. Meanwhile,large amount of data created by various mobile platforms, social mediainteractions, and e-commerce transactions in the emerging online fashionbusiness provide an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to study anddevelop systems for understanding consumer behaviors and tailoring the servicesof online platforms by effective use of AI. Arising from the above, a number ofAI and machine learning related techniques have been successfully employed andproven to handle the problems including fashion sales forecasting, supply chainoptimization, planning and scheduling, textile material defect detection,fashion and textile image recognition, fashion image and style retrieval, humanbody modeling and fitting, etc.With the great success of the AIFT Conference2018 in Hong Kong, the AIFT conference 2019 in Shanghai will bring togetherresearchers, engineers and practitioners on the area of using AI on fashion andtextiles for discussing and exploring the most promising theories and appliedintelligence topics. Papers in the conference must describe original research.Topics of interest include basic theories, principles and techniques ofartificial intelligence as well as their applications on fashion and textilesincluding, but not limited to:

AI Techniques
· Big data capture, representation, andanalytics
· Computer human interaction
· Computer Vision
· Multidisciplinary AI
· Search and optimization
· Evolutionary computation
· Fuzzy computation
· Neural networks
· Recognition: detection, categorization,indexing
· Segmentation, grouping and shaperepresentation
· Image processing and retrieval
· Deep learning
· Web/Social media mining

AI Applications
· Textile and apparel supply chain modelling
· Fashion sales forecasting
· Clothing image retrieval and parsing
· Production planning and scheduling
· Textile material defect detection
· Internet of things
· Production line-balancing
· Wearable devices
· Clothing parsing
· Retail sales replenishment
· Inventory planning and control
· 3D image modelling for fitting
· Textile material color measurement
· Manufacturing and retail site selection

Researchersfrom academia and industry are cordially invited to submit abstractor fullpapers (template as attached).Each abstract or full paper will be reviewed by two reviewers. Accepted goodquality full papers will be further recommended to be published in Specialissue of SCI journals (Coloration Technology, and AATCC Journal of Research).TheCall for Papers for this conference is now open. Please send your submissionwith the submission form (document as attached) via the The submission dead line is 21 Sep 2019. Notification of acceptance will be no later than 4 October 2019. The conference will have the Best PaperAwards and Best Student Paper Awards, which will be announced andbestowed at the Banquet - Award Ceremony on 26 November 2019. All papers willbe reviewed by a professional panel of judges that will select the best winnersamong the submission. Papers will be evaluated on thefollowing criteria: Originality and Creativity; Research Methodology andTheoretical Framing; Significance of Research; and Quality of Paper.Conference registrationwill be accepted online through the conference website.
Up-to-date informationabout the conference, hotel accommodations, travel, and more will be availablesoon on the website. For inquiries, please contact our conference secretariatMiss Boey Pang
Abstract and FullPaper Submission Deadline: 21 Sep 2019
Notification ofAcceptance                              :4 Oct 2019
Early BirdRegistration Deadline                      :15 Oct 2019
Online Registration Deadline  :1 Nov 2019
Conference Date                                                :25-27 Nov 2019
ArtificialIntelligence on Fashion and Textile (AIFT) Conference 2019 ConferenceSecretariat
Miss Boey Pang Email:


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