Video Analysis


class gpu::BroxOpticalFlow

Class computing the optical flow for two images using Brox et al Optical Flow algorithm ([Brox2004]).

class BroxOpticalFlow
    BroxOpticalFlow(float alpha_, float gamma_, float scale_factor_, int inner_iterations_, int outer_iterations_, int solver_iterations_);

    //! Compute optical flow
    //! frame0 - source frame (supports only CV_32FC1 type)
    //! frame1 - frame to track (with the same size and type as frame0)
    //! u      - flow horizontal component (along x axis)
    //! v      - flow vertical component (along y axis)
    void operator ()(const GpuMat& frame0, const GpuMat& frame1, GpuMat& u, GpuMat& v, Stream& stream = Stream::Null());

    //! flow smoothness
    float alpha;

    //! gradient constancy importance
    float gamma;

    //! pyramid scale factor
    float scale_factor;

    //! number of lagged non-linearity iterations (inner loop)
    int inner_iterations;

    //! number of warping iterations (number of pyramid levels)
    int outer_iterations;

    //! number of linear system solver iterations
    int solver_iterations;

    GpuMat buf;


Interpolate frames (images) using provided optical flow (displacement field).

C++: void gpu::interpolateFrames(const GpuMat& frame0, const GpuMat& frame1, const GpuMat& fu, const GpuMat& fv, const GpuMat& bu, const GpuMat& bv, float pos, GpuMat& newFrame, GpuMat& buf, Stream& stream=Stream::Null())
  • frame0 – First frame (32-bit floating point images, single channel).
  • frame1 – Second frame. Must have the same type and size as frame0 .
  • fu – Forward horizontal displacement.
  • fv – Forward vertical displacement.
  • bu – Backward horizontal displacement.
  • bv – Backward vertical displacement.
  • pos – New frame position.
  • newFrame – Output image.
  • buf – Temporary buffer, will have width x 6*height size, CV_32FC1 type and contain 6 GpuMat: occlusion masks for first frame, occlusion masks for second, interpolated forward horizontal flow, interpolated forward vertical flow, interpolated backward horizontal flow, interpolated backward vertical flow.
  • stream – Stream for the asynchronous version.
  1. Brox, A. Bruhn, N. Papenberg, J. Weickert. High accuracy optical flow estimation based on a theory for warping. ECCV 2004.

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