highgui 模块. 高层GUI和媒体I/O

This section contains valuable tutorials about how to read/save your image/video files and how to use the built-in graphical user interface of the library.

  • Beginners_5

    Title: 为程序界面添加滑动条

    Compatibility: > OpenCV 2.0

    Author: Ana Huamán

    We will learn how to add a Trackbar to our applications

  • hVideoInput

    Title: OpenCV的视频输入和相似度测量

    Compatibility: > OpenCV 2.0

    Author: Bernát Gábor

    You will learn how to read video streams, and how to calculate similarity values such as PSNR or SSIM.

  • hVideoWrite

    Title: 用OpenCV创建视频

    Compatibility: > OpenCV 2.0

    Author: Bernát Gábor

    Whenever you work with video feeds you may eventually want to save your image processing result in a form of a new video file. Here’s how to do it.

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